OpsStream® can help your business get lean.

More than a trendy buzz word, "lean" is about reducing waste, improving quality, and increasing agility.

OpsStream can help your business see lean improvements in days through a combination of our OpsStream lean automation software and our lean consultancy services. Tell us about your business and the areas you think could benefit from lean improvement, and within days we can demonstrate an automated solution and present a specific lean road map that you can quickly implement.

With OpsStream you can have better-than-custom software in days that will continually meet your emerging requirements.

OpsStream really offers "lean squared", because we embrace a lean methodology for getting businesses lean.

Lean Automation Software

OpsStream® lean automation software gives you the platform you need to get lean and to stay lean through continuous execution, monitoring and improvement.

Replace Excel spreadsheets with secure structured data and structured process execution. Where appropriate utilize dashboards, touch screens, barcode scanners, orchestrated communication, machine control, SOA orchestration, ERP integration, KPI displays, mobile technology and more.

Best of all, the software provides configure-on-the fly flexibility with no custom programming so that it can always meets your emerging needs.